Flashback: My Experience at ICANN60 Abu Dhabi

I am Mubashir Sargana, resident of a village in District Rajanpur and currently living in Islamabad. Driven by resilient passion and motivated by consistent appetite, I am always backpacked to explore new platforms and exploit opportunities for my personal growth and also for betterment of my community. My experience at ICANN meetings has always been…

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Online Safety for Your Children

Children are taught from an early age about the many things in the world that can harm them. Even in a toddler’s narrow world, there are plenty of potential hazards lurking around almost every corner. With growing autonomy, children are then warned about an expanded set of dangers. These range from the dangers of talking…

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Cycling on João Pessoa Beach

A clip from my bicycle mounted CAM, part of ‘mandatory’ adventures during IGF2015 at João Pessoa, Brazil. 😉 I love adventure travel & long walks, always backpacked to explore quiet and peaceful places, love to meet new people from different parts of this small world, fond of chitchat just to know about their life experiences…

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